Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A New Name

As you can see, Knowing Fancy has become Cowland Studio!

Much thought has gone into this change and I really do hope that you, my readers, will like it, because I know I do! Please, feel free to drop in your comments in the 'comment' section below. I would truly love to hear from you all.

I have been working on something new and I really like the way the projects have been coming out. My 'Make It Wood' series will be posted here, and it has already been partially posted on Google+. Slowly, I am trying to wrap everything up under the Cowland Studio name, so please bear with me. A computer geek I am not! If I've goofed up somewhere, you now know why.

I would like to close this little post with a huge thank you to you, my readers. Thank you for stopping by, for reading my babble, and viewing the simple things I do to make my world just a teeny bit brighter!



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