Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Doesn't Happen Often...

But, it did just a few days ago. Normally, when I see something in my head, the project comes out almost exactly as I pictured it. Trial and error, experimenting with paints and mediums, and all sorts of other activities can go into something that I've thought of. Thinking of all the in and outs, ups and downs, and major booboos that can happen take up time, often to the point where I just put the project aside and move on. The discarded project will 'float' around in my head. Either I find a way to do it, or I don't.

Usually, I do.

Not so this time. Here's a picture of what I had hoped would look more like an icicle than it does.

Pretty sad, huh?
Ah, well. The hook didn't do what I wanted it to, either. I'll leave it around for a while to remind that not everything I think of is a good idea!

I hope your handmade Christmas ornaments are going well!


Cowland Studio

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