Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Did October Get So Busy?

Geez. October. Half Over. Sounds like a sad country song. And since when did it get so busy and go so fast I can't get caught up? When the garden was in full swing, October was canning month. Not so in our new place. Not much grows in clay and rocks. The deer like the produce, but I do not. But, at least the apples put in a good show this year. Enough lamenting.

My Halloween projects are coming to a close, finally. I've loved making each and every one of them. If the weather holds, I will set up the front porch on Tuesday, adding a few more embellishments during the next two weeks. I put the skull on hold when the Bead People sent in the swat team to wake me up. Now, these little creatures have taken over the work desk in full force. And I've let them. Yes, indeed. May I present them to you?

The next three are here, with three more enroute to my location. They range in personality like we humans, but don't like to travel much after they've landed on their chosen perch. But, their numbers are dwindling due to lack of water and proper food. Their lifelines have been cut, so they need a place to call home for the rest of their short lives. They want to have fun, make people smile, and watch the pretty leaves blowing around in the cool air. Lighting, to them, can be soft or brilliantly glaring- it's all the same.
All this they have told me as they materialize into our world for their last hurrah.

Today is a day that I am looking forward to, if only for the scenery on the road north. The Transplant Seminar is this afternoon and I must attend this meeting if I am to complete everything needed to be done before a kidney transplant. And if I don't do it now, I'll have to wait until spring next year when the weather clears. So today is the right time. The tourist trade has slowed down enough to allow my husband the day off. He will be the one to handle things if a transplant does happen and must be there for this seminar. Things are getting complicated, but I'm managing to hold it all together so far. My artwork, constant experiments, this blog, and Bill all contribute to the brain power I need (both left and right!). I'm bringing my camera in case I see anything interesting, which I probably will considering we haven't taken this route in many long, long years. I love watching the scenery, don't you?

I must cut this post off early. It's time to be getting ready. My coffee is tasting mighty good this morning, too! Breakfast, as always, was yummy and healthful with lots of protein.
Anyway, I will be posting again soon.

Have a wonderful day. Get your nose in the air and fill it with all the fabulous scents of Fall.
The 's' word comes all too soon.



  1. Aww, so cute! Love the stacked pumpkins.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend (I know, for us 'retired' types, the weekend is just like any other day, but I like to act like I'm 'normal' from time to time :D)

  2. Hi, Colleen! Thank you!
    Weekend? Is that what that is that passes by at the speed of sound? And who would have ever thought, all those years ago, that retirement was anything but?