Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shuffling Along

I wanted to post this picture first. It's the only candleabra I have, and I'm glad to have it. It's a flea market find- a little dented and bent, but mysterious and fascinating in it's simplicity. The super thin tapers came from a gigantic dollar store and have been wrapped up and waiting to be put to use for some time. A moment of ingenuity tried to sneak past, but my crafty hand caught it in mid-pass. So, I took a small ball of older clay, flattened some pieces and wrapped it around the bottom of the tapers. They now sit upright, taking notice, gracefully accenting their distressed host. Bad thing about those tapers- they burn too fast! Ah well. It's the beginning of the seasons where something likes this adds to the mood. So, I'm good. It's all good.
Here's a brighter picture so you can see more detail:

This little jack-o-lantern (little because there's a 'tiny') is almost ready for the wreath.
Two gems and the finish is all that's needed.

The glass pumpkin jar is coming right along. Usually if I wait long enough, it will tell me how to go on with it's pattern. I waited. It spoke. 'Nough said.

Much placing, gluing, fussing over, and three handles later... the BOO Bags are done! I think I was almost sad to see them completed, I was having so much fun! This was a new project type for me. Painting has always been my passion. And so it shall remain. But some side projects like this can fire up the juices and bring different angles and perspectives to light. And it did.

Without any further ado- here they are:

A close up of my granddaughter's bag:

There is glitter paint, glow in the dark paint, a spray-over, stickers, and flashy purple bats on them. They're not too large or too small, are washable with a sponge, and just overall  functional. Would I do them again? You bet!

Here's a little sign I painted up a little, just to make it different.

It's a very good thing it's only the 2nd of October. The spooktacular special effects are still in the making. My husband and I joke that the day after July 4th is Christmas, and lately, that's how it feels! So much to do and I'm just one elf, all alone in the workshop. The smell of snow is in the air. Gotta fly!

I really do hope, friendly reader, that your weather is drier and warmer than mine.



  1. OMG, how cute! You have so many fun decorations!

  2. Thanks, Amy! Too bad you live so far away. We could have a great Halloween party after the porch is all decorated!

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