Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Colors of Summer

It seems like Fall is here in central New York State, and because it's here early, this little collection of summer colors can be made to wear around your wrist all year long to remember it.

Start by choosing your beads. These are 1/2" round wood and number 14. Grab your bamboo skewers and pop those little beads on the ends.

No matter what color a bead will end up being, I always basecoat it white first.
My basecoat paint of choice is a high hiding white latex that's rich and creamy with an easy soap and water clean up. It has a wonderful consistency and is true white with a quick drying time.

Pick out your colors. For this project, I chose bright, solid colors, well matched. Your color scheme can be anything- neons, pastels, rich deep tones. You name it. Give each bead it's own solid, single coat of paint and you'll be good to go, like so:
Prop each skewer and bead up in an empty container to let them air dry thoroughly. Get ready for the next to the last step. Grab a brush, your pearlizing medium, and a palette. Line up your colors so that they are pleasing to the eye and brush on a coat of the medium on each bead.
There might be times when you have to leave your working area to take care of something else, but you don't want what is on your palette to dry up while you're away. Here's a little tip: For the palette shown above, I cut a circle of clear plastic a little larger than an individual cup, with a small tab on it. Just inside the edge of the plastic, dab on some repositionable adhesive and let it dry. Now, when you need to drop everything, put your little cover over the cup and press down slightly to seal it until you are ready to use it again. Sometimes, I've mixed special colors in each cup and don't want to remix later in the day. For those times, I made a cover that tops the whole palette and keeps the paint wet for at least a day, sometimes more, depending on the heat. Works like a charm!
Back to the beads. While the medium is wet, it will have a milky look. Don't worry. It will dry and give each color its own individual look!

Depending on your weather, the beads will dry fairly quickly, but a rule of thumb for me is to let it dry for at least an hour.
The last step is the easiest, and that's good, considering you might be impatient to get it done and wear it!

Your choice on a clear finish is up to you. Just about anything will work- sprays, liquids, etc. Personally, I use clear fingernail polish on my beads. It's cheap, stays great, and keeps the more expensive liquids and sprays for larger projects.

Realign your beads to be sure this is the order you want them to appear in and get your stretchy cord ready!
Ready? String your beads!
Yay!! They look great, don't they?!
Tie your ends in two double knots, pulling tight to make sure they stay put. Chasing beads around on the floor is no fun!
Now- put them on! Show them off! These colors remind me of the county fair! Oh joy!!

New to my blog today is------- the KatScale !
And on the KatScale, this project is rated a 1. The easiest to make. And wear, for that matter.

Remember the summer. It'll be back.


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