Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make Your Own Mouse Pad

This project was so quick and easy, I had to stare at it when it was done for quite some time to make sure it was right. That day had started off with me scooting around, getting things together for my first Porch Sale this Saturday. It seemed like a disjointed day to me- nothing was exactly in focus even though I had a mission to accomplish. Sitting at my desk with my coffee was when the lightning hit.
Gathering up a few things, I set to work. After cutting the paper and foam sheet to match, I sprayed the paper with clear acrylic spray, and repeated the step after the first coat was dry. The humidity was starting to climb, so I had to finish this step as soon as possible. Humidity and sprays have a very bad relationship. Combining the two can give you horrible and unfixable results.
 The dried paper and foam backing only lacked Mod Podge to join the two in patriotic splendor. The white plastic piece on the right is what I use for a brayer (a dollar store purchase from the kitchenware aisle).
A coat of Mod Podge on the foam backing done, I carefully placed the paper on, smoothing with my fingers. My little white squeegy pushed out all the bubbles. Keep moving your squeegy to make sure everything will lay flat. Moving your mouse over little hills and valleys might net you some unexpected results! So make double sure all bubbles and ripples are gone.
That little hump in the center got worked out with a few threats for incentive!
Next, I weighted the pad down, hoping it would stay flat!
And- OH NO!! NONONONONO... The corners started to curl up. I won't type what I said, but I did remember all the posts I've read on Mod Podge Rocks of how some projects went a little wrong, and then the follow-up saying the whole thing straightened itself out overnight. Problem resolved.
Sure enough, the next morning the corners had quietly sighed and laid down, just like they were supposed to.
More, you ask? You betcha! One with a little extra bling for the holiday. Who says a mouse pad has to be plain and uninteresting? Certainly not me.
Three more came off the desk before I finally felt my run was over for the day.

Here's a close up of the metallic paint I added to just the poinsettias to set them off more. But not so much it interrupts the flatness of the pad.

So ends the saga, but it really doesn't end here. What you pick to Mod Podge to the backing is unique to you. Embellish more. Paint a border. Add your name. Take a favorite picture and adhere it. Just make sure you spray the print with clear a few times so it won't smudge. My first pad was of bandana pieces I had copied on the printer. I keep a large FabCopy file for projects such as these. But that's another post.

There ya go. Have at it! Create your own world.


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