Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Autumn Light

I just couldn't resist making this tea light holder just a teensy bit early, so go ahead. Roll your eyes. Shake your head. But, just look at this cute little thing!
I feel a set of them coming on...

As usual, I was prowling around the dollar store, and the fall decorations are starting to arrive. Now, I really like ribbon. Plain is all right on certain applications, but I would prefer a nice pattern. Something to make the eyes smile. Mine lit on this one particular wide ribbon with a great autumn leaf design, so in the cart it flew.
The tea light holder was in the next aisle. You know where that went. From there, I was concentrating on my list and not thinking about the first two items.
The next morning is when 'what to do with it' came crashing down on me. Other projects were immediately pushed back so I could make a new mess on my desk.
Pieces and parts. Parts and pieces. A little more cutting, some placing to make sure it all fit just right, and the top was done!
Each individual piece was Mod Podged onto the glass with a small piece of sponge. Some of the Podge went over the leaves and onto the glass, so I dabbed more Podge all over the top section. When it dried, the spillover gave the glass a slightly frosted look. Bingo!
After the Mod Podge dried, the little tea light holder looked half naked. Something was missing. At this point, I walked out of the studio for a little break. When I returned, the answer was staring me in the face.
What about the bottom? it said.
Okay. Sounds good to me. Now- how to apply more cutouts. My mind ran around like a gerbil on steroids, until it finally fell exhausted but satisfied in a heap under the base. Wow. What a trip.
The base fit perfectly on a leftover piece from the original cut. More trimming, more Mod Podge, and presto!
Autumn Light was born.

Enjoy the rest of summer, everyone. Fall comes too soon.



  1. How fun! That turned out so cute!! Perfect for fall.

  2. you are a writer as well as an artist. You description of the project was sooo funny.

  3. Thanks sooooo much to bother of you! You made my day (so did my doctor)!!

  4. Sorryyyyy! I meant BOTH of you. My fingers can't see what they're saying half the time. Sorry again.