Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Reminder Chalkboard

When I bought this mini pizza pan at the dollar store, I knew it would eventually reveal what it could be.
A little paint, glue, and ribbon later, a chalkboard was born. A magnet on the back holds it in place. So you don't have to go hunting that elusive piece of chalk, I attached a ribbon to wrap around it.

This is my first post. At the time I made this chalkboard, I wasn't taking 'in progress' pictures, but this project really doesn't need them. Future posts will have step-by-step pictures and more detailed explanations. Sometimes, I 'paint' myself into a corner. Sometimes a project goes easy, like this one.  And sometimes everything goes so easily I have to shake my head and wonder what I did wrong, even though the finished product looks just fine and dandy! You just never know!

Catch you in a few...


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