Friday, July 29, 2011

Plant a Beer Can...

And up comes a Funky Flower right along with the globe basil!

For something that started out as a crazy idea, this project really took me by surprise. A few things frustrated me to no end, but the whole thing ended up so cute, I just had to give it to my husband, knowing he would 'plant' it in his prized bucket garden. His reaction to it was priceless.

Let's roll the details.

Cutting the can was easier than I thought. I made the initial cut with a heavy duty craft blade, then switched over to the heavy duty kitchen shears. The petals cut nicely. The little long triangular pieces in between were left attached. I'd figure out the color later.

To make sure the acrylics stayed stuck, I spray painted both sides in flat white, making sure the front had a few coats to cover the can colors.

Before I started painting, I  bent the petals just a little near the center to give them a little form. They might be manipulated more, but at the time, I wasn't willing to try. The colors started popping into my head.

Two coats did the trick. The orange dots were an afterthought. There are many different ways you can paint this Funky Flower and I've got a few that I want to try. Later.

The one section of aluminum left over after cutting the petals suited me just fine. I bent this piece and painted it the same color as the stem (a bamboo skewer) to wrap around the stem come gluing time. Which was now.
Attach the petals the same way. Spray with Clear. Replant.

Greetings from the bucket garden!
Happy planting!


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  1. That's certainly a groovy recycling effort and what a great result. Thanks for sharing.