Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spice Up Your Vinegar

This simple and easy to make Spicy Vinegar is created by my husband, the chef, and we wish to pass this recipe on to you.
The herbs can be anything you choose, but the more spicier and pungent, the more your vinegar will pack a punch! The peppers used in this recipe are the mild jalapeno, and as with the herbs, the peppers are your choice. Use distilled white vinegar, and always clean and sterilize your canning jars beforehand.

Ready? Here we go!

Prepare your peppers, as shown below.
Rinse your fresh picked herbs, in this case spicey globe basil and purple basil, and let drain.
Pour the vinegar into your clean canning jar, leaving approximately 3/4" space at the top.
Transfer the vinegar to the pan and bring to a boil.
As you are waiting for the vinegar to boil, place your peppers in the jar.
Add your herbs, in this case, basil.
The amount is up to you, but the more herbs, the spicier your vinegar will be!
If you are adding a lot of herbs, pack them in gently. Try not to break the leaves.
When everything is in the jar, add the hot vinegar, leaving room in the jar. What you previously measured might be a little more than what your jar can hold, but do not fill the jar to the top. Leave some breathing room.
There is steam coming out of the top, so be careful!
Stir gently to remove any air that might be caught in between the peppers and herbs.
You're almost done.
Place the canning lid on the top of the jar.
Screw on the ring.
Make sure you've screwed the ring down tightly, and be careful! The jar is going to be HOT!
Did you make it through? Okay, great!

Let the jar sit for one week in a place where it can't be tipped over or dropped, like the back of the counter.

Once a day, gently turn the jar upside down, then right side up. Do not shake. After about a week, your vinegar will be the talk of the town!

Enjoy this little recipe and feel free to change around the peppers and herbs as you might like. We gaurentee, you will like it!


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