Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perfect Iced Tea

The best thing about having chores done early, before it gets too hot, is sitting down with an ice cold glass of iced tea, home brewed with your own special touch.

Yup, it's that time for me here on the farm. These first couple days of hot weather and clear blue skies brought out the hankering for my own special iced tea, but this year it has a twist. Actually, they're chunks!
Here's how I make mine:

Heat 6 to 8 quarts of water. Do NOT boil the water and do not boil your ingredients. Once the water is steaming, take it off the heat and drop in 3 Lipton (or your tea choice) tea bags, 2 tea bags of Camomile tea, and a couple of chunks of peeled, fresh apple. Boiling the water with your ingredients will make your brew bitter.  This recipe will taste more like sun tea.
Let your brew steep for a least two hours, letting it cool down naturally while soaking up the great flavors you have added.

After your brew has cooled, pour it into a jug and added water. You will have about 2.75 quarts of iced tea after it has refrigerated overnight.

I'm sure most of you think my glass looks plain, but I assure you, the taste is totally yummy! You can add many things to your brew as it's steeping. Fresh lemon and orange slices, of course, will add a definite splash, but there are also your home dehydrated strawberries to pop in. Fresh mint from your garden will perk that glass right up! Any fresh berries will snap up your drink. As a matter of course, I dehydrate as much fruit as I can for those times in the winter where you need some extra something in your hot tea, so if you have them on hand, by all means, drop them in! The more berry, the more merry.

Or, you can just brew up regular tea with camomile thrown in just for the taste. The possibilities are endless, the combinations unique to you.
Do you have your own special recipe for iced tea? Do you keep it the same, or change it every time?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Going back to this now!


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