Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glitter Drips

Sometimes you have to crawl outside of your comfortable little niche and do something, anything, different, just to break things up.

And sometimes realism is absolutely not on the agenda.

This is the result of one of those days. Having a blank Tshirt around, for me, is like not having frosting on a cake. Okay in some circumstances- like when I'm wearing a colorful broomstick skirt that makes its own statement, but in others, something needs to talk. Ya know?

This particular far-outness came to life compliments of the glitter bug. All through Halloween decorations, I played with glitter, experimented, and played some more. Christmas decorations took on a whole new look this year. Almost everything had its own twinkling glow. Some things got a little accent of glitter just around the edges. Needless to say, glitter is now a new tool in this little studio.

To start out, I had a basic idea of how I wanted the shirt to look. Kind of melty, drippy. Between the front and back of the shirt is a piece of heavy cardboard; the pins hold it in place to keep it from shifting. Making marks with chalk ensures that the marks won't hang around when you're done painting.

From here, I let the piece tell me where it wanted to go. It's hard to tell, but the first color is a fabulous purple glitter paint that allows you to add more layers to brighten it up.

After the first step, the top part of the design appeared, bringing the whole design around to some kind of closure.

One color wasn't enough, so I added on the turquoise glitter paint for a little contrast. That brought me to the last marking, where one last glitter splash was to go.

There was enough color, so the last step is its own color- diamond. It goes with anything, and breaks up the design enough to keep it alive and moving.

You've already seen the final design, but I'll show it again. See the big drip? That starts out as diamond and fades down to turquoise for a final, final completion.

Did you like it? Please feel free to leave a comment or three below, in the comment section. Let me know you were here. Say hi. Don't let me feel like I'm blogging to thin air. OK?
Now- get out there and glitter something. Catch the bug~



  1. I too have that glitter bug :-) Your melted design is very cool! It looks like a melting diamond necklace and really spices this black shirt up.

  2. Many thanks for your wonderful comments! I truly appreciate your stopping by! Have a wonderful day!